Windows 7 Build 7600 RTM Black Edition SPA LIGHT (2009/EN/RU/UK)


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Windows 7 Build 7600 RTM Black Edition SPA LIGHT (2009/EN/RU/UK)

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Windows 7 Build 7600 RTM Black Edition SPA LIGHT (2009/EN/RU/UK)

Windows 7 (earlier known under code names Blackcomb and Vienna) — the version of computer operational system of family Windows NT, following for Windows Vista. In ruler Windows NT the system carries number of version 6.1.
Microsoft has declared that the operational system will go on sale on October, 22nd, 2009, less, than in three years after release of the previous operational system, Windows Vista. To partners and TAP'ам, access to RTM is given on July, 24th, 2009.
Structure Windows 7 included as some development excluded from Windows Vista, and innovations in the interface and the built in programs.

In addition:
Activation was not applied by the image
The image is based on Original English (USA) versions
7600.16385.090713-1255_x86fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRMCULFRER_EN_DVD.iso and
With the integrated official Russian ленг and локалпаками, the Ukranian language ленгпаком
And also integrated individual style BLACK EDITION
Installation and style are accessible in Russian, in English and Ukrainian versions, т.е.система is absolutely equally established and ратает in all three languages.

* KB123334 (Windows6.1-KB123334-x86.msu or Windows6.1-KB123334-x64.msu)
Updating for IE8
* KB123456 (Windows6.1-KB123456-x86.msu or Windows6.1-KB123456-x64.msu)
Updating for the Notebook (Notepad)
* KB674103 (Windows6.1-KB674103-x86.msu or Windows6.1-KB674103-x64.msu)
Updating modernizes Win32k, User32, TCP/IP Binaries (tcpip.sys), SxS, NDIS (ndis.sys), GDI32 and Common Controls
* KB675605 (Windows6.1-KB675605-x86.msu or Windows6.1-KB675605-x64.msu)
Updating modernizes Windows 7 OS Kernel, HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer), components BootEnvironment Core BootManagerPCAT
* KB972636 (Windows6.1-KB972636-x86.msu or Windows6.1-KB972636-x64.msu)
One more updating for IE8
* KB973751 (Windows6.1-KB973751-x86.msu or Windows6.1-KB973751-x64.msu)
Updating changes version Image Based Setup-Media and Setup Navigation Wizard Framework up to 6.1.7600.20497
* KB974039 (Windows6.1-KB974039-v2-x86.msu or Windows6.1-KB974039-v2-x64.msu)
Updating for Windows Search Engine
* KB974138 (Windows6.1-KB9741386.msu or Windows6.1-KB9741364.msu)
Updating for Windows GI and Font Embedding

It is inserted:
12 Unique themes and the virtual machine of version 7234
The latest which distributed Zukona т.е and XP it is necessary to last version
(For russification of the virtual machine of Many thanks Loginvovchyk)
For convenience of users the normal menu start-up is made, and the inscription-maximal on Windows Black Edition is replaced.
In Licenses nothing is touched.
It is compressed as much as possible WAIK-th,
The built in themes of a theme are activated automatically, Black Edition a theme by default.
The Bug from the menu start-up is cleaned.

System requirements:
x86 The Processor: 1.5 Hz / the RAM: 512 MB or above / the Place on a disk: 12 ГБ, VIDEO: with support
DirectX 9 and 128 MB of memory (for theme Aero)
2 GB RAM at sharing with Windows Virtual PC

Year of release: 2009
The version: Windows 7 Build 7600 RTM X86 Black Edition SPA EN_RU_UK LIGHT.iso
The developer: Microsoft
The Platform: x86
Compatibility with Vista: full
Language of the interface: English + RUS+UA
The Tablet: Is absent
The Size of a file: 1,9 GB

 b27fhmfx1 78e2jpg8b ucex0t2zu n1264lpr3 da4ya9e3q 6bd9ytcqc 0biuqx21x aqxw9o2xt 32weqqw7j zb4kv8umx jh2b1u5gr 4qsgaugnv vdvn5azba rbg4zrnzx yxb8enwn1 9iqtx6hbk wzpdqv90w qrl30q8hy fdacyruoz jjqvc75fq x64l8w81c 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part01.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part02.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part03.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part04.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part05.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part06.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part07.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part08.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part09.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part10.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part11.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part12.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part13.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part14.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part15.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part16.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part17.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part18.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part19.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part20.rar 7600_RTM_X86_Black_Edition_LIGHT.part21.rar

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Geri: Windows 7 Build 7600 RTM Black Edition SPA LIGHT (2009/EN/RU/UK)

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